Some women know they are pregnant before even taking a test. Others take a test and get a false negative result. This can happen if you just missed your period, or for other reasons. Here are some signs to look for.


  • Take some tests. Many family planning clinics offer free confidential urine tests that you can take if you're concerned. You can take a test from the day your period is due, and a test from a pharmacy is as accurate as a test from the doctor. Taking more than one test means you're less likely to get a false positive; hormones also fluctuate throughout the day. Your most reliable time is the first pee of the day. Blood tests are the most accurate though.

  • Be aware of your body. Do you suddenly feel "ripe?" Many women feel kind of thick and juicy, like a ripe peach. Some feel calm and safe, as if they have achieved something. This is a very subtle feeling, which may make more sense with hindsight.

  • How are your breasts? Tender or swollen breasts are another frequent sign of pregnancy. Although women's breasts become tender and sore during their menstrual cycle, there will probably be a difference to your usual symptoms; perhaps more swelling, or very tender nipples. A tingling sensation that accompanies the swelling is not common with menstruation.

  • Think about your tastes.
    1) You might notice cravings you normally don't think of, and it varies from woman to woman - from fruits to steaks to watermelon.
    2) Often you will be repulsed by things as well; certain smells, raw meat, even images of war or violence that never bother you can suddenly make you feel nauseous or sad.
    3) You may get hungry more often and if you don't eat, you may feel nauseous until you do.

  • Pay attention to your senses. Your senses are often heightened, especially tastes and smells.

  • Monitor your bathroom habits. If you're pregnant, you may need to urinate more often.

  • Examine your energy levels. You might wake up and feel extremely tired within a few hours of waking and need a nap.

  • Keep a dream diary. Keep a notebook by the bed. Often hormonal changes can trigger vivid and unusual dreams.

  • Keep track of your emotions. You might feel emotional about little things, cry more easily in movies or when hearing a sad story.

  • Have you thrown up lately? A lot of the time at the beginning of the cycle, pregnant women tend to throw up often. This could mean a few things -- you could be sick or pregnant.


  • If you have a lot of these symptoms and your test comes back negative, don't rule out pregnancy. False negatives are rare but possible, and can be caused by over-hydration. Wait a few days and take another test, first thing in the morning.

  • You may notice pregnant women wherever you go! (It's like buying a certain kind of car, suddenly you notice others who have the same car too.)

Some Warning

  • Don't count on morning sickness to tell you what's going on. Many women do get sick and throw up, but not everyone, not necessarily in the morning, and not necessarily right away.

(Source : WikiHow)

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